New Opioid Pain Medication

I still have to take some more time to look into this new analgesic, however, there is one part of this article I take issue with.

After going over multiple reasons why this drug is bad and should have its FDA approval revoked, it then makes the statement, “It could be life saving”.

Pain medications certainly have a role. They provide relief of pain from major injuries and surgeries. Morphine can reduce stress on the heart during a heart attack.

However, they don’t save lives. Pain, while ranging from uncomfortable to unbearable, does not cause death. Even in the setting of a heart attack, it can reduce the impact of the event, but it does not change the underlying pathology causing the heart attack.

To go through such logical reasons as to why the drug is bad, yet still insinuate it save lives shows there is still a long way to go in regards to the overall understanding most of the public and press has of pain medications. Worse still, seeing this in an article many will read starts and / or propagates a myth regarding opioid pain medications.


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